If you live in San Francisco, then be prepared to shell out $1000 a year in car repairs! This is the finding of a new report into the state of the nation’s roads. The average cost to motorists through poor roads is $523, so drivers in San Francisco are being left particularly out of pocket by driving in our area. On the whole, one third of roads in urban areas in the USA are judged to be poor or substandard. But in the San Francisco area the number of roads deemed to be failing or poor is 71%. The state of California paid out overRead More →

How does the construction business in San Francisco compare with that other hot spot, New York? Find out below! SAN FRANCISCO What is happening here? JOBS San Francisco is at the head of the curve, when it comes to jobs growth in California. The area is booming and it is the place to head for a job. WAGES With the average wage coming in at a stonking $69510 (2016) and the median household income being reckoned at $78969, San Francisco ranks one of the highest paid places in the United States. In fact, it is 26% above the national average. There is extra good newsRead More →